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ldapsearch not returning all entitites

I'm having a very peculiar problem with ldapsearch
in the openldap-2.0.27 package.  

The basic problem:

* The following command returns an entity:
ldapsearch 'uid=pram*' uid  

* The following command returns lots of entities, but not the pram entitity:
ldapsearch 'uid=*' uid

* The following command also returns no pram entity:
ldapsearch -b 'ou=users,dc=mydomain,dc=org' 'objectclass=*'

* The following command ALSO returns no pram entity (which is why I'm really
frigtened, since this is how I do a lot of backup work on the database):
ldapsearch 'objectclass=*'

The pram account is identical to the other accounts in the
system and I suspect that other accounts are getting missed with a uid=*
search as well, but since I have over 5000 accounts, its hard to really
tell which are getting hit and which missed.

Very troubling,
Peter John Hartman