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RE: Question about Cygwin OpenLDAP

Slapd is multi-threaded and so never forks except on startup when it is
detaching itself from its control tty. In NT (cygwin) that's not really
relevant because it usually runs as a service. New threads are created
as needed up to the maximum allowable number, which currently defaults
to 16. Slapd continues to use threads running under cygwin.

To prove whether or not slapd is creating multiple threads, just look at it
with a good system monitoring tool, such as Taskinfo 2000. That will let
you see what the slapd process is doing, including how many thread are
active at any given time.

Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
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> Subject: Question about Cygwin OpenLDAP
> A little while back I asked a question about Cygwin LDAP.
> My question was if OpenLDAP was compiled for Cygwin would it use the
> forking model, or would it run as single process for all requests.
> Sadly nobody answered and I really do need an answer because I have not
> been able to prove it one way or the other in practical tests.
> Does anybody know about this?
> Thanks
> Christian Gross