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RE: Can LDAP do this?

Thanks Jawed,
    Can anyone recommend a good ldap book? Is the Oreilly one good, I generally like their books.
Also is anyone running OpeLDap on a windows box in a production enviroment?
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You can setup any tree structure you want and set ACL according to your wish that who can read who can edit who can add etc.
ACl are little tricky, so knowing basics and how they work always helps, plus putting an ACL in effect and trying it is the best way of figuring out.
Bring a test box online and start playing with it.

webguy <webguy@online.ie> wrote:
Hi, new to list, so be kind.

I have a project starting, and I think LDAP (openLdap) might be a good fit.

Basically, the project has a structure of

+ Users [1]

+ Companies
+ A company
+ Projects
+ A Project
+ ProjectUsers [3]
+ Usera
+ Userb
+ ProjectGroups
+ GroupA
+ Groupb
+ SoftwareModules
+ moduleA

+ CompanyUsers [2]

where [2] are a subset of [1] and [3] is a subset of users in [2] and where
users/and groups can have x,y,z permissions on a module.

If I'm correct if should be possible to set up lDap to manage all the
permissions, users, groups etc. Is that correct? I don't want to reinvent
the wheel. Biz layer will be java based.

I've tried to keep this short and sweet, so I hope I've given enough info.
Any examples of similiar stuctures would be great.

Thanks WG

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