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Can LDAP do this?

Hi, new to list, so be kind.

I have a project starting, and I think LDAP (openLdap) might be a good fit.

Basically, the project has a structure of

	+ Users  [1]

	+ Companies
		+ A company
			+ Projects
				+ A Project
					+ ProjectUsers [3]
						+ Usera
						+ Userb
					+ ProjectGroups
						+ GroupA
						+ Groupb
					+ SoftwareModules
						+ moduleA

		+ CompanyUsers [2]

where [2] are a subset of [1] and [3] is a subset of users in [2] and where
users/and groups can have x,y,z permissions on a module.

If I'm correct if should be possible to set up lDap to manage all the
permissions, users, groups etc. Is that correct? I don't want to reinvent
the wheel. Biz layer will be java based.

I've tried to keep this short and sweet, so I hope I've given enough info.
Any examples of similiar stuctures would be great.

Thanks WG