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Re: TLS server side auth problem

--- suomi hasler <schlubediwup@ayni.com> wrote:
> Hi Pet
> I had problems as well when using ldapsearch and
> similar. that's wy I 
> created http://ldap.ayni.com, which you may use as
> well and no more 
> problems. Pay attention however http://ldap.ayni.com
> does a TLS  on port 
> 636.
> I run 4 openldap servers, whereof two of them are
> slurpd-synchronized. 
> slurpd (on violina) connects to the secondary (on
> propic) using TLS. I 
> used to sync a third server (mileni) before, but
> then decided, it should 
> be more of a development server.... but the sync
> worked well, except 
> that the ldap database was not synced with the
> primary ldap host at the 
> beginning, which gave me many errors (32). so i
> decided to cut short 
> with that sync.

<big snip>

Thanks for the reply Suomi

Although your perl web based solution looks good I
unfortunately need to use the shell command line tools
in scripts etc.  Other people seem to have got this
working so I'm assuming it's me doing something wrong
rather than bugs in the software.  Hopefully the vast
collective knowledge/experience of the list membership
will confirm/deny this.

openldap is great I just need to get past this


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