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openldap client and windows server

hello all! Thanks for the input from everybody but I'm still having problems. :(  Sorry to keep bringing this up but I've been searching the web for information on these but I usually encounter information for situations wherein openldap serves as a server and windows as a client authenticating to the openldap server and not the other way around. Has anyone tried setting up openldap to use the users in the windows server? Please let me know how you set it up? I'm a bit confused with using the DNS SRV entity? Given that my openldap is ran under linux and active directory is running on a windows machine.
Case 1:
       There might be a situation that there will be multiple domains in the windows network environment (i.e. Win2K, windows 95, etc) and for each of these domains there are different password mechanisms (like kerberos and smb for the respective domains above) Is there a way to be able to authenticate or specify which authentication method to use without using pam?
Case 2:
       A domain name is usually associated with a netbios name. i.e. dc=example,dc=com or example.com has a netbios name of EXAMPLE_NAME. Is it possible to bind using the EXAMPLE_NAME/login_name?
Case 3:
      In a given domain, there might be a lot of multiple workstations within it. Is it possible to connect or bind to the workstation? ie. EXAMPLE_NAME has a workstation named EXAMPLE1. so is it possible to use EXAMPLE_NAME/EXAMPLE1/login_name to bind to the ldap server running on EXAMPLE1?
thanksss so much! any help is much appreciated.