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Jmeter sampler for testing LDAP

Hi all,

I extended the apache Jmeter sampler for LDAP. It can be used now to perform
(virtually) all LDAP operations and so can be used for performance and
stress testing of your ldap implementation.

To use it, you need to download and install apache Jmeter, end then download
the extended ldap jar file which can be found on my "homepage"

a short manual on how to use this can also be found there.

I'm very curious about any experiences, good or bad, with this sampler. and
whether is is suitable for performance and stress testing your LDAP servers.

Please send all comments to my private mail address: dolfsmits@zonnet.nl

Regards, Dolf

Dolf Smits
Consultant Meta Directory Solutions

Siemens Nederland N.V.

Prinses Beatrixlaan 26
Den Haag

Postbus 16068
NL-2500 BB  Den Haag

070 333 3654
070 333 2801
06 55844837

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