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RE: BerkeleyDB version incompatible

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, David Hofer wrote:

You have an... odd style of quoting...

> Do you have multiple versions of BDB installed?  The configure script
> gets confused if this is the case e.g. it doesn't find a header file
> but does find a library file etc.

> I found 10 versions of db.h in various directories.

Well, there you go.  Some will be in /usr/include, others may be in
/usr/local/include, others in the build/source/distro directories.

> Hunt out all possible files with the name db.h/ndb.h etc, and do the
> same for the libraries (libdb*.{a,so}), and do what has to be done...
> ********************************************************************
> Same case here. Should I delete the oldest files and replace them with
> the latest files?

Only you can decide that; you might be using packages/ports/rpms/etc.
You need to make sure that noone depends upon those older versions.

> I looked at the configure script, then remembered why I don't like
> GNU's configure scripts.
> *****************************************************************
> How do I alter the configure script so that it will run smoothly?

I never did figure it out (I was in a hurry) but other people have
pointed out that you can override the configure script.

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