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Failover and circular replication


We want to set up multiple replication servers. We know that slapd 2.1
is able to manage a simple master-slave replication using slurpd.

But we need a more advanced setup, we want to have load balancing and a
failover solution. This means that clients must be able to send updates
to every server (there should be no dedicated master), and that any of
the servers should be "allowed" to fail for some time and catch up

Is this possible by setting up multiple replication rules making every
server replicating to every other? Or will we create update loops this
way? (As I understand, the replication log contains timestamps, so it
should be possible by slurpd/slapd to achieve this goal, but I don't
know whether it is implemented in such a way.)

The docs are rather sparse wr/t replication. For the first step, we just
want to know whether this is the correct way to go before we spend weeks
with experiments.


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