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Re: Resources/Documentation for Redhat 9 and LDAP Auth

Probably the best thing to be said about contemplating a production
OpenLDAP deployment using the RedHat-supplied packages is this:


The versions are outdated, and you haven't a clue as to whether or not
your implementation will do what you want, and if it does, you don't
know what extra niceties might be built in to sacrifice security or
stability. If you look at the source rpm's, and do some general reading
on openldap, you're likely to come to this conclusion yourself. 

Glad I could save you some time ;-)

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 14:11, Terrence Martin wrote:
> Are there any resources out there for assisting in the deployment of 
> OpenLDAP using the Redhat based packages?
> I have found several howtos on LDAP in general and some integration, but 
> a lot of them spend time on compilation and less on the configuration 
> specifically.
> Terrence