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mail accounts manager

Hi all,
i am newbie to OpenLdap (I work with Nestcape LDAP), and i'm going to
migrate in OpenLDAP which work with cyrus IMAP and module PAM_LDAP.

In my old Netscape LDAP, it recommands to setup a group of mail
administrators to manage mail accounts. This group should correspond to
the administrators group used by the messaging server?s administration
server. Further in the Netscape documentation, it states that : Your
messaging administrators group needs write and delete access to the
mailRecipient and mailGroup object classes, the attributes contained on
those object classes, as well as the mail attribute. You may also want
to grant the messaging administrators group write, delete, and add
permissions to the group subdirectory for creation of mail groups.

My question regarding to OpenLDAP is :
what entry should i configure both in the OpenLDAP and within the cyrus
IMAP to function like mail administrator(s ) ?

Also what OpenLDAP object classes may correspond to Netscape object
classes named mailRecipient and mailGroup ? (when I tried to used it
with OpenLDAP, it results an error)

Any ideas would be appreciated.

thinks in advance