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Hello Phillipe

> If i use : configure without option or just --prefix,
> i have this error line :
>                        configure: error: could not locate <ldap.h>
> if I use --with-ldap-lib=openldap
> it's the same thing, I must indicate to configure where is installed
> ldap but if i have server ldap on another machine, I can't indicate the
> to this machine for compiling PAM or NSS

Well, you NEEDS the ldap libraries both in the server and the client! In
general, the libraries are in /usr/include or /usr/local/include dirs. I
suggest first to search for the ldap.h library in your system ( "find /
-name ldap.h" ). What´s your client system? Linux? Solaris?

> It's very stupid to install openldap on each machine just for compiling
> PAM or NSS

Well, the libraries are necessary. But I ever find it in the systems (Linux
and Solaris). Then, I think that isn´t necessary to install OpenLdap in the

Best regards