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replication setup

 I am trying to setup replication stuff, and yes I admit I really don't understand replication well, so please help me out
here is my setup
Master slapd.conf
replogfile  /var/log/slurpd.log
syslog-level 4
replica host=pcNavYkfSupp1.navtechinc.com:389
        bindmethod=simple credentials='secret'
#        tls=yes
Slave ldap
# Replicas to which we should propagate changes
#replica host=ldap-1.example.com:389 tls=yes
#       bindmethod=sasl saslmech=GSSAPI
#       authcId=host/ldap-master.example.com@EXAMPLE.COM
updatedn "cn=Manager,dc=navtechinc,dc=com"
updateref "ldap://pcNavYkfSupp2.navtechinc.com"
I put binddn and updatedn as Manager as I was not sure if I realy need another dn in ldap database to auth.
Strange thing slurpd is not creating any loginfo in the log file I told it to do in slapd.conf.
it created /var/lib/ldap/replic dir and there are 2 files on is status file other is lock file.
I can only run it as root as
usage: slurpd   [-d debug-level] [-s syslog-level]
                [-f slapd-config-file] [-r replication-log-file]
                [-t tmp-dir] [-o]
All those file and replic dir are owned by root.
On slave I even don't see slurpd connecting to ldap on slave
Please give me some hint

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