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RE: memory leak in libldap when handling referral -- 2.1.8

Thanks Andreas,

I did submitted a bug report: memory leak when handle referral (ITS#2670)

I compiled the test client using libldap and liblber which passes in a callback to rebind to new LDAP server during referral. I am not sure how do you handle the new socket handle -- reuse or destroy?



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If you believe you have found a bug, you should open a ticket at the ITS system:

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 06:13:45PM -0400, Su Li wrote:
> When handling referral, I saw libldap creates a new socket handle to the new LDAP server, but after server, libldap seems did not delete the referral socket or reuse the socket. So when I run memory leak checkor, it shows the memory leak is in: