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memory leak in libldap when handling referral -- 2.1.8


My LDAP client is using Openldap liblber and libldap to connect to Opendldap server. 

When handling referral, I saw libldap creates a new socket handle to the new LDAP server, but after server, libldap seems did not delete the referral socket or reuse the socket. So when I run memory leak checkor, it shows the memory leak is in:

ldap_connect_to_host [os-ip.c:360]

if ( ( err = getaddrinfo(host, serv, &hints, &res) ) ) {
                        osip_debug(ld, "ldap_connect_to_host: getaddrinfo failed
: %s\n",
                                AC_GAI_STRERROR(err), 0, 0);
                        return -1;

Does any one knows about this? Is there any solution to this memory leak?


Su Li