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Solaris User Account Management

I've got what should be a fairly typical situation. I've got about 500 or so boxes that are divided into various and sometimes overlapping departments. I'm looking to figure out if LDAP will solve my user managment woes, so if anyone could answer the following questions and supply any URL's referencing the answer I would really appreciate it.

All of these apply to a Solaris 8/9 envirionment

1.  Can OpenLDAP be used for login in authentication and authorization?

2.  Can users be added with accounts on specific groups of machines?

3.  Can users be added with an account on a specific machine?

4. Can users be added with different home directories on different groups of machines?

5. Can standard solaris password aging and rules be applied to user accounts?

6. Can solaris be configured using the OpenLDAP and/or native LDAP clients to use TLS/SSL encryption?

7. Does using TLS/SSL encryption mean that account is protected from network sniffers?

Anyone got any experience with any of those? All comments responces welcome.