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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1.17 and index directive

Bruno Biedermann wrote:
>Maybe you should run slapindex (works for bdb... I don't know if it
>works for ldbm) to generate the index files...
>Then restarting slapd could help...

When I start slapindex, it takes forever to finish it's job. (I
canceled slapindex, when I came into the office in the morning and
found that slapindex had been running all night but still wasn't done.)
Maybe there's something wrong with that? The database directory is
only about 120 KBytes small. The OpenLDAP-Server is running on a
linux machine with 128 MBytes RAM and a Celeron 266 MHz CPU. (it's
only for tests) The hardware should be more than fast enough,
shouldn't it?

Thieu-Hon Tran