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GuruLabs.com ldapmigrate script

We greatly appreciate the Open Source work produced by PADL Software Pty
Ltd and we humbly offer the GuruLabs.com "ldapmigrate" script as an
alternative solution to the PADL.COM migration scripts.

It licensed under the GPLv2 and can be found at:


Documentation can be read with --help.

The differences of "ldapmigrate" verus the PADL scripts are as follows:

1.  My script doesn't have to run on the LDAP server itself, ie, it can
migrate /etc/* over the network.

2. It can optionally bind to the LDAP server over SSL/TLS for security.

3. It is a SINGLE ~300 line script versus the ~27 PADL.COM perl and
bourne scripts that total over 3000 lines. (see note below)

4. It is driven via command line arguments and is self documented via
--help. To use the PADL scripts you edit perl scalar variables in
various spots inside the scripts.

5. You can easily select the which /etc file you would like to migrate.

6. It requires the Net::LDAP perl module be installed.

Note: I see little point in storing certain files in your LDAP directory
such as /etc/rpc or /etc/protocols. This contributes to the reduced size
of "ldapmigrate' vs the PADL scripts.