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>  I am trying to install SAMBA with ldap as backend support for
> password auth.
> I have sourc rpm samba-2.2.8a-1.src.rpm , I am trying to compile it as
> many site say 
> rpm --rebuild  --with-ldapsam /--with-ldap  samba-2.2.8a-1.src.rpm ,
> but comes back with unknown opptine --with-ldap or --with-ldapsam.
> Does anyone has any idea how can I recompile this SAMBA src rpm with
> ldap support.

This is really a Samba question not an LDAP one.  But, you just install
the src.rpm, edit the spec file adding your config option, and then
build it (rpmbuild -bb samba.spec)

> I am avoiding tar deliberately for the sake of consistency.

Good idea.