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Re: OpenLDAP segfaults when used with ssl

Howard Chu wrote:

Now, when I try to do a search and not
use the -x
option the OpenLDAP server just seg faults.

Anybody got any idea as to why this might happen?

What are we, psychic?

Try running slapd under the debugger and see where it crashes, and get a back

Also, do an ldd on the slapd binary. A pound to a penny there are mixed Openssl library ref.s compiled in. configure might even have found different sasl versions too, and compiled ref.s for /them/ in, since SASL inclusion is automatic (given the segfault without the -x operator.).

I've had it all myself in the past :-)

As a general note, OpenSSL 0.9.7 doesn't work well with OpenLDAP. I don't
know if anyone has taken the time to investigate where the compatibility
issues are yet. I use 0.9.6 for production deployments.

I've noticed you've written this before. For the record, I have no problems with 0.9.7b on Linux with any app that uses Openssl..



Tony Earnshaw

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