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Re: LDAP Performance.

Monday, July 28, 2003, 1:49:57 PM, Bjørn wrote:

> Wesley Hof:
>> Hi,
>> I have an LDAP running with a perdition schema, filled with about 300.000
>> accounts. The machine is a pIII 1000 with 512 MB ram. I increased the open
>> file descriptors.
>> Now I have a problem, everything goes real fast for about 20 minutes. Then
>> the ldap reacts real slow, an ldapsearch took about 1 minute, and telnet
>> to 389 is not allowed anymore.
>> Does anyone here has an idea what kind of a performance issue this can be?

> What is your usage of this LDAP-server? Unix-login with SecureShell?
> If you do, make shure you have NSCD (Naming Service Cache Daemon)
> with apropriate settings. You don't want a 'ls -l' to run a ldap-query
> for get-pwent etc etc.

IMHO, its not a solution for this kind of problem, it will only reduce
the number of quesries to ldap server.
However it would be nice if OL itself is able to handle these queries.

Wesley Hof: what backend you're using?