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More on my password problem

I stumbled on this. Aparently, my password problem is worse than I thought.

The set up:
	Server:  Solaris 9.0 w/OpenLdap 2.1.22
	client:  Redhat 8.0 & 9 with default ldap instl.

If (on the client, logged in as the user), I type passwd, I get an Authentication error.

If (as root) I type "id <user>", I get the correct uid, and group entries. No problem there.
But, if as root, I type "passwd -S <user>", I get: "Unknown user"

So, for some reason, the passwd command is failing to authenticate.
(BTW: The user IS able to log in. So "login" authenticates fine, it's just passwd that doesn't).

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this.