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LDAP profil and RADIUS authentification

Hi all,

I working under linux mandrake 9.0.  I'm working on wireless networks.
I installed FreeRadius and Openldap into the same machine.I maked the
users authentification with RADIUS and all it's OK. 

Now I try to bind LDAP and RADIUS.

Can I stored the user's profil into the LDAP database ? ... For example:
The "user1" have access to mail, web and video services.
The "user2" have access only for Voice sur IP...

When the user moves connects to access point different and it will make
the re-authentification with the radius server.

The basic idea consists of doing authentification of the user via RADIUS
and using LDAP to administer the services to which the user has
right.Services such as: mail, video, voice,taking a control of the
connecting time. All this even if the user changes cell.

It's possible????

Otherwise, how I administer the services of users in movement???


Université de Versailles