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Re: can True64(SIA) talks Linux LDAP(NSS) or else


Can you share your software on you True64 site. Do you use Internet Express
5.9 CD or you just download software?
So, it sounds you have an True64 LDAP client talks to Solaris LDAP server,
is this correct?

Thank for you help again

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日期: 2003年7月25日 PM 07:58
主旨: RE: can True64(SIA) talks Linux LDAP(NSS) or else

>we use the sia module on 4.0f and 5.1 to talk to openldap on solaris.
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>Subject: can True64(SIA) talks Linux LDAP(NSS) or else
>I have a question that who is using True64 client or Linux client
>because we
>have several box running on differnet O.S. My quesiton is that can Linux
>client LDAP talks to True64 SIA module. Or, can True64 client talks to
>OpenLDAP on linux NSS module?
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