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Re: authentication from windows client

I think there's basically two approaches to this, neither trivial:

1) Set up Samba on the Linux box as a domain controller, put the Windows
boxes in that domain, and link Samba to LDAP.  I recall seeing an
Samba-LDAP-PDC howto... Google for it.
2) Replace the GINA (Graphical Identification aNd Authorization) on the
Windows box(es) with an LDAP-aware one.  Voids your Microsoft warranty,
I'd expect.  A google shows this as promising:

Good luck.

Shishir K Agarwal said:
> hi,
>   we have an open LDAP server on LINUX machine.Is
> it possible to setup authentication from a windows client.
> i.e i want users to login to a windows comp using there
> LDAP id's and password only.
> I m sorry if my doubt is off the list.
> thanks and regards
> shishir k agarwal :)

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks@doublesparks.net>