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REQ: Technical Link

I am looking for an in depth HOW-TO type document that delves into the
"why" of many of the settings and options of LDAP.

I have read the Cyrus SASL doc/readme.html and doc/sysadmin.html, O.K.

I have read the OpenLDAP Quick Start Guide and Using SASL documents,

But I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how they are relating to
eachother, and where they fit together.  There are many other pieces that
have come up, but this example is the current major mental block for me.

I've always had a hard time "just doing" something unless I understand
the mechanism behind it.  Though I can follow a HOW-TO, I've yet to find
a HOW-TO that led down the road that I want to take with LDAP.

Any discussion or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Gary Allen