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OpenLDAP as proxy fro Active Directory


I'am unable to use OpenLDAP as proxy for a W2K Active Directory..

slapd.conf is like this:

database        ldap
uri             "ldap://aaa.bbb.ccc.de:389";
suffix          "dc=bbb,dc=ccc,dc=de"
binddn   "cn=<readonlyaccount>,cn=Users,dc=bbb,dc=ccc,dc=de"
bindpw          <totalysecret>

I've catched the "Unable to chase referral ldap://bbb.ccc.de/CN=..."; error by adding bbb.ccc.de in /etc/hosts with the IP of the AD-Server.
When I search:

ldapsearch -H "ldap://aaa.bbb.ccc.de"; -x -b "dc=bbb,dc=ccc,dc=de"

I only get the CN=Configuration,dc=aaa,dc=bbb ....stuff.
If I add the binddn and the password in ldapsearch, everything works.
Any ideas please ?