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OpenLDAP server, Solaris 9 client = solution


Thank you very much to all. I finally could make works my Solaris 9 client.
In fact, as Greg and Jehan tolds, is very difficult don´t use the OU people
(not in Linux, but in Solaris yes). :-(
With the Greg´s suggestion and after much work, the authentication finally
happens! But we had fear about another similar problems in the future. To
prevent it, we decided to redesign our net topology to include this damned
OU. And then use the Bruno´s suggestion:

ldapclient genprofile -a profilename=profile-my -a
defaultsearchbase=dc=my,dc=domain -a authenticationmethod=simple -a
credentiallevel=proxy -a defaultSearchScope=sub server

After that, in the client:

ldapclient init -a profileName=profile-my -a domainName=my.domain -a
proxyDn=cn=proxyagent,ou=contasIT,dc=my,dc=domain auth.pucrs.br

Now, it´s everything ok.

Thanks a lot for everybody.