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RE: Can LDAPDB transelate a user@domain.com -> user_domain_com?

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> Hi, I'm not sure what list this question should go to, but
> I'll try here
> for a start.

> I'm about to du an ISPMan installation, when a thought struck me. A
> normal ISPMan userid is on the form <uid>_domain_tl (I would then have
> tarjei_nu_no). Now, this is stored in the uid attribute of the user.
> The user also has his email adress stored in the same entry under the
> attribute mailLocalAdress.
> Now, if I configure Cyrus-Imapd to use the ldapdb auxprop for
> authentication, would it be possible for the user to log in as
> user@domain.com and have ldapdb transelate that to user_domain_com to
> the imapserver?
> Is this possible using some of OpenLDAPs regex magic or am I way off
> now?

An auxprop plugin takes whatever username you give it and uses it as-is.
There is no code in the ldapdb.c auxprop plugin to do what you want, although
you could probably add some code and register your own canon_user callback to
make it work. It's not the auxprop plugin's job to translate usernames,
that's what the canon_user callback is for.

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