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Re: Error searching DNs with escaped special characters

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 17:08, you wrote:
> Why?  If you have a legal RDN and you extract the value
> of an associated AVA, you should get a legal value.
> But if that AVA is DN-valued, the special chars must
> still be escaped, otherwise the value of the AVA would
> not be a legal DN.  As a consequence, the special chars
> and the escape char, which is special, must be escaped
> on turn.
>From this point of view
It seems to me you are right.
And i'll agree with you unconditionaly if you answer for a another one 
Do you know that another LDAP servers follow this rule when parsing DN?

Thank you very much and sorry to trouble you.

> It is not described in RFC.  It's my deduction of RFC's
> meaning, corroborated by the plain recursive application
> of slapd's DN escaping when a DN-valued attributeis used
> in the RDN.  If you have a better interpretation of the
> RFC that goes beyond "I think it is not right", please
> state it, and suggest corrections.

Sorry for my ugly english 
I feel like a dog: understand everything, but can't say it :(

With Best Regards
Nikita S. Bige