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Re: Email Distribution Lists???

Michael Dengler wrote:
> ie. Bill, Ted, and Alice are all members of the payroll dept. with each
> one having an address entry in the LDAP directory. I would like to also
> have an address called PAYROLL that would contain the email addresses of
> Bill, Ted, and Alice. I could simply create an address entry and call it
> PAYROLL an enter Bill, Ted, and Alice's email addresses, but this would
> be difficult to maintain.

Why is that too difficult to maintain? It's a group entry with e-mail addresses stored in the member attribute.

> It would be much better if I could simply have
> an entry that had refernces to its members and looked up those members
> email addresses each time a query was made.

Why is that more easy to maintain? Also note that this approach does not scale very well. It's rather a major PITA regarding performance since you have to do n+1 searches for a group of n e-mail recipients.

> Is this possible?
> If so, how?

Depends on the LDAP-enabled applications using the directory.

Ciao, Michael.