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Updating the LDAP Database

Hi everybody !

I'd like to make my LDAP database updated by users.
This means that I stored all the password in the database (userPassword) and the access right as setted up as the following :
access to dn=".*,o=sante"
by self write
by * read

Is there a way that users can authenticate and update their own data using Netscape, Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus or ... ?
If that's not possible using these email clients how can I perform such a task ? Which client must I use ?

Any help will be greatly welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

Stéphane Cesbron
Responsable informatique INSERM
Faculté de Médecine
1, rue Gaston Veil
B.P. 53508
44035 Nantes cedex 1

Email : stephane.cesbron@nantes.inserm.fr
Tél :
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