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trouble with openldap 2.1.22 and sasl proxy auth

I was running 2.1.19 and had sasl proxy auth (sasl authz) working great
and using the ldapdb auxprop plugin for sasl to authenticate services..
Then I upgraded to 2.1.22 and now the proxy authentication won't work
any more...

this command..
ldapwhoami -U auxprop -X u:eddie -Y DIGEST-MD5 -H ldap:///
returns back the DN of auxprop instead of the DN for eddie..
The configuration is exactly the same.. same DB as well..
and the logs don't show any errors... Does anyone have any idea of what
I need to look for to solve this???
Edward Rudd <eddie@omegaware.com>
Home Page <http://urkle.drip.ws/>