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Re: Help: slapcat limits on 2 gb exact ldif file

--On Friday, July 18, 2003 7:14 PM +0200 Sjoerd Somsen <sjoerd.somsen@logicacmg.com> wrote:


Today I saw that our slapcat-backup procedure resulted into ldif file of
EXACTLY 2 GB. If I now run slapcat again, it again limits on 2GB, and
the end of the file is not like what I would expect.

Now, the 2GB seems very suspicious, from coding experiences in the past.
Is there anything I can configure to prevent this limiting?

Sorry, not very experienced on OpenLdap.


I've never ran into any such limit using slapcat... Are you stopping the server before you start the slapcat process? What version of OpenLDAP are you running? What OS are you running this all on?


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