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Segmentation fault after OpenLDAP / Berkley DB (Slackware 8.1)

Last night before i started compiling openldap and bdb everything worked fine.
I sort of left in a hurry, and when i got back this morning all my daemons where screaming of pain.

syslog gave me:
Jul 17 03:06:51 box sshd[25661]: fatal: mm_request_send: write

tcpserver (qmail proc) was not working, oidentd was not working, mysql, ncftp not working.
These programs was running when i compiled openldap and bdb.

Programs i didnt have up when compiling it has no problems, but i have gotten same problems with memtest86 ++

Tried recompile of oidentd ++, no change. pidentd works with new compile.

make works fine, compiled and tried 2.4.21, same problems. Reboot /w halt didnt work either.

Anywhere i can look for trouble ? A file, a command, anything??