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LDAP structure

 The struture will require support for multiples enterprises, each one with any number of people. People can have personnal contacts and groups (for email purposes). Other thing is that Enterprise can have others enterprises inside it, and sectors and people frequently change of place.
 We have already planned a prototype structure. I'll describe it below:

   |---enterprise A
   |     |-----sector A
   |     |         |----- person 1
   |     |         |----- person 2
   |     |         |         |--------UserOptions
   |     |         |         |--------Contacts
   |     |         |                          |-----contact 1  
   |     |         |                          |-----contact n
   |     |         |----- ...more people...
   |     |-----sector B
   |     |-----enterprise AA
   |                 |-----sector AB
   |---enterprise B

 What do you think about it? A flat structure would be better?
 If anyone has any kind of book or article which discuss this subject, please send it.

 Thanks in advance,

Nei Venturini dos Santos