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ldap pam setup

   I have a question regarding ldap , pam setup.
I have working Opeldap server, but today I was little curious and I looked at /var/log/messages while logging as a user which is in ldap database and is not in /etc/passwd file, and I saw following
Jul 16 18:23:13 pcnavykfsupp2 login(pam_unix)[883]: session closed for user jabbasi
Jul 16 18:23:21 pcnavykfsupp2 login(pam_unix)[1048]: session opened for user jabbasi by (uid=0)
Jul 16 18:23:21 pcnavykfsupp2  -- jabbasi[1048]: LOGIN ON pts/0 BY jabbasi FROM hsNavYkfPrd6
question is why pam_unix is being used, if pam_unix is used anyway for pam authentication, os why we need pam_ldap and nss_ldap?
I will appreciate a word on this, as I can't under stand this function.

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