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Re: Editing contacts using Outlook 2000

I currently have not investigated using php / cgi based scripts to manage the ldap directory. I am investigating the feasibility to implement a company wide addressbook using OpenLDAP with the ability for client program to be able to edit the Contact information on the LDAP server. Currently i have only been able to use Ximian Evolution as a client based program to edit the contacts stored on the ldap server.

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 13:24, jawed abbasi wrote:
its been a year I have been using OpenLdap as addressbook databse, I couldn't find how to do it in OutLok or Netscap emessenger.
you can use ldap browser, but that also on administrative level or Tech level i don't thing there is easy way to do this from enduser side.
I wish if anyone comes up with a cgi interface where users can edit info with typing that Alian ldap stuff dc=*,dc=*, cn and dn.
if you know about anything let me know.
I know about ph scripts that are working fine on my web servers but I need to creat documentation for techies, so that they can do it for users.

Tyler Lane <tlane@lyrical.net> wrote:
I am trying to setup an LDAP addressbook for use with Outlook 2000, and I am unable to get Outlook to be able to edit Contacts on the LDAP server.

Is there a schema that i dont' have installed properly? Or some server setting? is it simply that Outlook does not support the editing of contacts on a LDAP server?

i am running Outlook 2000 with SP1 and
OpenLDAP version 2.0.27 on RedHat 9

Tyler Lane <tlane@lyrical.net>

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