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RE: multi-value attribute (roleOccupant) filters --How to?

Thank you, Michael, for your quick reply.  You've shed light on the issue and clarifies some behavior for me. With back-sql, however, I still seem to have some things to work through in terms of the SQL select statement that is generated.  When I specify an explicit DN for a role occupant, as you suggest, I at least don't get the ?=undefined error for my filter  --and this tells me I'm no longer conflicting with the schema-- but I'm also not yet receiving results.  I'm doing additional testing to see if I can determine where the problem lies --i.e. what select stmt is being issued to the SQL server, etc.

Best regards,

Ken Turley

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Subject: Re: multi-value attribute (roleOccupant) filters --How to?

Ken Turley wrote:
> I want to issue a search something like this: 
>     ldapsearch -b dc=ROLES,o=CHAIN,c=US (roleOccupant=*hall*)
> In this example, I receive no hits and the slapd log contains:  filter='(?=undefined)' 

The attribute type 'roleOccupant' has no sub-string matching rule (SUBSTR).

You probably should search for the user's entry first and then use the DN of 
this entry for exact search.

Ciao, Michael.