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building openlda-2.1.22 on AIX 5.1


I've been trying to build openldap on AIX 5.1 with gcc33  and Berkeley's dB 4.1.25 for the last week now without success, so far the furthest point I got is to build the binary but it fails on test008

here is an extract of the tests/test-db/master.log file showing the failure....

bdb_db_open: o=University of Michigan,c=US
bdb_db_open: dbenv_open(./test-db)
slapd starting
conn=0 fd=10 ACCEPT from IP= (IP=
connection_get(10): got connid=0
connection_read(10): checking for input on id=0
ber_get_next: tag 0x30 len 12 contents:
ber_get_next on fd 10 failed errno=11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
ber_scanf fmt ({imt) ber:
ber_scanf fmt (m}) ber:
>>> dnPrettyNormal: <>
<<< dnPrettyNormal: <>, <>
do_bind: version=3 dn="" method=128
conn=0 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128

the log continues but I dont belive it adds much value to the list.... I built openldap with the following configuration....

 ./configure  --prefix=/opt/freeware/lib --disable-shared


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