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two password prompts under Solaris 9

Hi all. 

Found only a single one-article thread on this via google. Thought
someone might have a clue here. 

I have a solaris 9 client which is finally working in authenticating
users using LDAP. I can shoot back an 'Xnest' session to my Linux
desktop and log in and see all the pretty stuff go by in my slapd logs. 

However, if I enter the wrong password into the dtlogin screen, I'm
prompted again, this time for 'LDAP Password'. 

Initially, I had pam.conf set up to use pam_ldap with the
'try_first_pass' argument, and I switched it to 'use_first_pass' as per
the man page or something else I read, but I still get this. 

What I'd like (naturally) is for the user to be prompted for a password,
and if it's wrong, just be told that it's wrong, 'try again'. 

Any hints appreciated.