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Re: About JDBC-LDAP Bridge


On #1, there shold be a "?" between the base and the arguments.  Using
the URL in the SELECT is not going to work, except for some
side-effect.  Have you tried accessing Active Directory through other
ldap tools?  Perhaps either microsoft's ldp tool or a general purpose
LDAP broswer?

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 11:59, Yen-Pin Wang wrote:
> Hi:
> I am trying to use Octetstring JDBC-LDAP bridge to connecto to Microsoft ADS server. I got two problems:
> 1. I follow the instruction and use the example URL format to connect to the server but it only works when I take off the baseDn part, for example:
> "jdbc:ldap://myorg.com/?SEARCH_SCOPE:=subTreeScope"; WORKS!
> "jdbc:ldap://myorg.com/o=myorg.comSEARCH_SCOPE:=subTreeScope"; LDAP ERROR CODE 1
> 2. When I do the SQL Query I have to use the whole URL to specify the entries and it always returns null value, for example:
> SELECT sn FROM ldap://myorg.com/o=myorg.com?SEARCH_SCOPE:=subTreeScope instead of 
> SELECT sn FROM o=myorg.com
> Is there anything wrong with my syntax or the bridge?
> Please help me!!
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