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problem with ldap client/proxy - read anon but bind with predefined credentials


i want to accomplish the following: be able to read from a ldap server, who
doesnt support anon auth, but with anon auth.

I either would need openldaps ldap client to support a general DN and
PASSWORD option for the initially reads, I found out that this option is
user-level, and further, that i cannot predefine a Password for this

So i thought about some Ldap Proxy. I installed slapd with ldap backend, and
defined some rootdn and rootpw. obviously, this DN and PW isnt used when
contacting the remote ldap server.

How can i get either:
 a client, which supports anon auth and replaces this anon auth with
something i define somewhere,
a ldap proxy service, supporting anon auth but using itself a defined auth
to contact the remote server for the initial reading ?

I believe this should be possible with openldaps ldap stuff or ?

thanks.: Uli Schellhaas