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LDAP/SAMBA Wierdness

Samba 2.2.8a, RH7.3

I have successfully connected machines running XP to the samba controlled
domain using ldap for authentication.

There are 3 XP machines, each with only one user designated as a power user
(ie domain\username power user).  Each can log into any of the three
machines without a problem.

Now I am trying to log a different person into any of these machines and I
get the message "System Could Not Log You On".  

I can log into any of these machines with the administrator or my account
(neither of which are set up in the local users - other than

Any ideas of what is going on?  Did I miss something?  I thought that with
domain logins that any user can log into the XP machine as long as they are
set-up correctly via samba, which they are since they can access resources
from windows 98 machines to samba shares.

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