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Invalid structural object class chain

I ran into this once before, and just went around it. Now I need to fix it. It's probably a simple fix, I'm just missing it.

The situation, if I'm adding new users, and use the following combination:

{printf "objectClass: top\n"} \
{printf "objectClass: person\n"} \
{printf "objectClass: account\n"} \
{printf "objectClass: organizationalPerson\n"} \
{printf "objectClass: inetOrgPerson\n"} \
{printf "objectClass: posixAccount\n"} \

I get failures:

ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
additional info: invalid structural object class chain (person/account)

Of course, if I move "account" around, the invalid chain changes accordingly. If I remove "account", the problem goes away. But I'd like to keep it in.

It's a simple problem in the schema(s), but I'm not seeing it. Can someone shed some light on how to fix this? I'd greatly appreciate it.