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RE: Slap*CAT* and horrible performance?

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> I've got a strange problem here.  I have 2.1.21 up and
> running with about
> 50k entries.  Previously, performance was reasonable.  Today,
> however, search
> performance went into the toilet, and I'm not able to find a cause.

> I'm using 2.1.21 on a Solaris 7 machine, using bdb backend,
> which I really
> haven't done any specific tuning to, yet.  Slapcat seems to
> be able to
> export about 16K/s, out of an LDIF I expect to hit about 50M.

> Anyone have suggestions on where to look for the problem?

The Berkeley DB documentation would be a sure bet. The FAQ would be a good
idea too. http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/893.html

Since you haven't configured the BDB cache, and your database is obviously
too large to fit into the default cache, you're losing time due to lots of
pages being swapped to/from the cache and the database. You need to set a
proper cache size.

In 2.2 I've added support to allow slapcat to read data directly from the
database without first copying it thru the cache, but this will only occur
when no other processes are using the database.

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