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LDIF problem

I have a ldif file which works well with several LDAP servers, but with
OpenLDAP 2.1.21 i get the following problem:

(64) value of naming attribute 'principalName' is not present in entry

This error occurs not only if i try to add it with slapadd, it also occurs
when i try to add the entry by LDAP commands from my application.

I attached an excerpt of my ldif file and an excerpt of my schema file at
the end of this message.

Anybody has an idea what the problem is ?

Thanks in advance,

               Thomas Bröker

====== LDIF excerpt ======

dn: principalName=admall,ibm-msysDiscipline=setup,ou=msys,o=ibm,c=us
objectClass: cimManagedElement
objectClass: eUser
objectClass: ibm-msysUser
principalName: admall
ibm-msysCreationDateTime: 20011205080230Z
ibm-msysCreatedBy: cn=miel
ibm-msysVersion: 1.4.27
caption: Allus Makus
ibm-msysUseForSysplexLogon: TRUE
description: Can do everything

====== Schema file excerpt ======

attributetype ( NAME ( 'principalName'  'principal'  )
DESC 'A naming attribute that may be used to identfiy eUser object
entries.' SYNTAX USAGE userApplications )
IBMattributetype ( ACCESS-CLASS normal )

objectclass ( NAME 'cimManagedElement' DESC 'Based on the
proposed CIM_ManagedElement object class, cimManagedElement provides a
basis for many of the system management object classes in the IBM schema.'
SUP top ABSTRACT MAY ( description $ caption ) )

objectclass ( NAME 'eUser' DESC 'Based on the proposed
CIM_Principal object class, the eUser object class is used to represent a
persons (or service\27s or SAPs) relationship to a system or set of
systems.  It can be used to provide a description for a certificate, to
select from among a set of user profiles, or sets of functions and roles.'
SUP cimManagedElement STRUCTURAL MAY ( principalName $ userCertificate $
configPtr $ accessHint $ accountHint ) )

attributetype ( NAME 'ibm-msysDiscipline' DESC 'The unique
name of the MSI discipline.' EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch SYNTAX SINGLE-VALUE USAGE userApplications )
IBMattributetype ( DBNAME( 'msysDiscipline'
'msysDiscipline' ) ACCESS-CLASS normal LENGTH 240 )

objectclass ( NAME 'ibm-msysDiscipline' DESC 'Container
for system management disciplines, like Setup, IOConfiguration, etc.' SUP
top STRUCTURAL MUST ( ibm-msysDiscipline $ ibm-msysVersion ) MAY (
ibm-msysCreationDateTime $ ibm-msysCreatedBy $ aclEntry ) )

objectclass ( NAME 'ibm-msysUser' DESC 'model a user of
msys for setup workplace' SUP eUser STRUCTURAL MUST (
ibm-msysUseForSysplexLogon $ ibm-msysVersion ) MAY ( ibm-msysClientHostName
$ ibm-msysClientPortNumber $ ibm-msysCreatedBy $ ibm-msysCreationDateTime
$ userPassword $ aclEntry ) )