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deferring operation in 2.1.22 query

I recently loaded up 53,000 records with 3 attributes each.  They
inserted fine, I ran slapindex later and they seemed to be created
without errors.

I restarted slapd and now using GQ I search * and I get the first 200
responses just fine.  I then click on an entry and it bumps CPU usage to
100% for about 2 minutes, it just hangs there... finally it returns

Just now I was retracing, I figure I have created my own objectclass fro
my objects.  GFUClienteUnificado is my object class, subordinate of
Top.  I see that ObjectClass has an eq index, do I need to somehow add
the objectclass to indexes, can I?

By the way this is all on RH 9.0, kernel 2.4.21-ac4 on my ThinkPad X30,
PIII 1.2Ghz, 512MB Ram, 30GB IDE drive, maybe it's just normal behavior
for thei config with this many objects?

Any ideas are welcome, thanks,

Fernando Medina, Jr.
Grupo Financiero Uno

Fingerprint: DE50 8BF0 85B2 F1CF 8690  E487 2EB9 3421 AC56 61D7