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solaris 9 and openldap


I am trying to authenticate a solaris 9 client station to an openldap server 2.1.22.
I've seen lots of howto/threads on the net, but most are related to solaris 8, and I wonder/hope that things get simpler with solaris 9 !

-1st, which way to go -> use solaris 9 native ldap command and tools (ldapclient manual, ldap_cachemgr ...), or use self compile and install tools from padl (nss and pam ldap) ?
-2nd, I've read a lot about adding schema definition to openldap in order to accept solaris client authentification, is it still mandatory to do it ?


-3rd, can I first start without TLS/SSL binds, I just want to start with a simple configuration, TLS/SSL are mandatory ?

Thanks to let me know which way to go.