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Re: LDAP and CA-Certs

Dalila Romero wrote:
Hello: I've a problem when exporting valid
ca-certificate to LDAP: Checking for a special DN where to store
CA-certificates ...
Special DN is O=UNLP,C=AR.
Adding valid CA-certificates to the LDAP
server ...
Certificate 0 FAILED (error 1: I/O
Error Resource temporarily unavailable )
I have installed openca 0.9.1 and openLDAP 2.0.27

A.C. Dalila L. Romero

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What command did you use (ldapadd?) how ist your ldap configured (slapd.conf)? is the ldap-server running (ps -ef | grep slapd)? which objectclass/attributes do you use (ldif)?

Christian Pohl

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